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Articles, Tutorials and Tips / Re: Putting PCLinuxOS into virtual
« Last Post by buster on Today at 11:56:40 am »
So Bill I found a 1 TB hd sitting in the junk room that had an old Mint in perfect condition. Last used about Jan, 2017. Ran it. Got PCLinuxOS iso and put it into VB. NO GRAPHICS!!! Same as your problem. Tired of this. Got rid of iso and uninstalled VirtualBox. Upgraded easily to Mint 19.1.

Life's too short for the pain I get with Plos.

General Discussion / Re: Further Adventures with an Old Computer
« Last Post by ssfc72 on Today at 08:08:23 am »
Sometimes at Ikea  if you are lucky, you get to see a cute little monkey all dressed up in a very fashionable coat, roaming around  the parking lot. :-)
General Discussion / Re: Further Adventures with an Old Computer
« Last Post by fox on Today at 07:48:03 am »
Let's hope your wife is not a silent subscriber to the forums.  :)
General Discussion / Re: Further Adventures with an Old Computer
« Last Post by buster on Today at 07:37:16 am »
Chapter Two: What’s Ikea Got to do with Anything?

Almost no married man goes willingly to Ikea on Saturday afternoon. Parking spots are hard to find, and once in the crowded store it’s like an Xbox game – where are we, and how do we get to where we need to be to get the prize (in this case a chair)?

And escape from the store is also difficult, as it involves finding the ‘warehouse’ and using the appropriate ‘codes’ to find the chair you may or may not need. And after you pay finding your car.

So why did I let my wife, who really wanted to go,  take me into this warren on a lovely sunny day? All part of a cunning plan. My son lives not too far from Ikea, and I had presented the idea that a visit to Ikea could be combined with a pleasant meal at our son’s house and a sleepover.

Meanwhile, during the previous week, I had quietly texted my son and he had found some 4 gig ram sticks, DDR3, in his desk drawer left over from years ago. They were packaged and ready for me.

So we left the store, fought our way through traffic, arrived at our son’s house and ate a very good meal that he had dutifully prepared for his ancient mater and pater.

After dinner I casually asked my son, “Do you by any chance have some DDR3 ram sticks?”

He looked a bit surprised of course, but he’s quick witted, and glancing at his mom he said, “I’m pretty sure I have some downstairs. I’ll go and check.”

So that day had the pain of Ikea balanced with the joy of holding the ram sticks in my hand. And a spouse totally happy that I would sacrifice a whole day to please her. And we drank a lovely Spanish red wine. And that helped quite a bit too.

Tomorrow – The Proof is in the Pudding
The 18.04 Ubuntu Mate Pi image wouldn't boot through BerryBoot, so that's the end of the experiment for now. (Note that this particular image wasn't prepared for BerryBoot, or at least it wasn't on the BerryBoot site.) In any case, I wasn't optimistic about it anyway, since the 16.04 version was quite laggy. I am curious about what was on it, as the image was a whopping 5GB in size. The other images range from less than 500mb to about 2GB.
General Discussion / Re: Further Adventures with an Old Computer
« Last Post by fox on Yesterday at 07:09:16 pm »
Jeez Mike. ....
Geez Mike
Well Mr. English teacher. The least you can do is spell a word the same way when you use it twice.  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Further Adventures with an Old Computer
« Last Post by buster on Yesterday at 06:56:25 pm »
"Biggest improvement would be with an SSD."

Jeez Mike. Where did you get your PhD? At a bible college in South Carolina? The book has been published and will appear in all the major books stores in New York City. What am I to do, scurry around and pencil in changes with a new SSD in every single book? The deed is done. The computer work is finished.

This reminds me of when you sold that computer to the Asian youngster, and I said you could get 25 bucks more. But no, who listens to Buster.

Geez Mike
My Pi distros are all booted off the usb drive, although the first step is that the SD card is accessed to tell the Pi where to find the boot files. If I had a spare micro SD card sitting around, I would try Raspbian on it, but I don't. I also don't need Raspbian for anything in particular.

Another experiment completed. Xubuntu 18.04 is the best distro I have tried so far on the Pi, excluding the more specialized LibreElectric. I have updated it successfully except for a new kernel install (we can look at the errors the next time we meet). It runs pretty fluidly, and  YouTube videos work pretty well on either Firefox or Chromium. Regular movies also play pretty well on VLC. In both cases, there is a very minor lag between sound and picture, but I didn't detect any stuttering. These play better in LibreElectric, but they are certainly playable in Xubuntu. Raspbian is as responsive as Xubuntu, but poor with videos. Ubuntu Mate 16.04 is much slower than the other two, but I have downloaded Ubuntu Mate 18.04, and will try that next.
Maybe by comparing settings with Jason? I also wonder if it could be specific to the bootloader settings used by BerryBoot, since Jason is using Noobs.
Originally I did that but I had trouble getting the full install of Raspian going so once I discovered that you could just use Etcher, I downloaded the Raspian ISO and did that. That might be worth trying for you. What also might be worth trying at the next MUG is we bring our Pi 3Bs and I'll bring my 24" HDMI monitor (unless you have something smaller) and you use my microSD card. Maybe your card is just really slow unless you're still using your USB port. By doing that we could remove any variables related to the how the distro has been configured. I haven't tried running a distro from the USB port so I have no idea if perhaps on the Pi 3B the port has been stymied in terms of speed though it would be remarkable if it was so bottlenecked as to be slower than 25 Mbps which is the top speed of the SD card interface apparently.

Regarding throttling, there is a panel add-on that shows the temperature of the processor and another one that shows the speed. So you could use those to see if that is happening with or without your fan.
Brief update. I updated my Raspbian installation to see if that would improve anything. It didn't. I'm still puzzled as to why that distro, of all distros, won't play YouTube or mp4 videos. With YouTube, I fiddled around a bit with Chromium settings and occasionally got something playing. But the same video wouldn't play again later. I couldn't find anything online to address this problem. Maybe by comparing settings with Jason? I also wonder if it could be specific to the bootloader settings used by BerryBoot, since Jason is using Noobs.

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 is updated, but its performance may actually be worse right now, as Firefox will no longer run at all. I can get YouTube videos running on Chromium, but they do occasionally stall or stutter. I found an image for Ubuntu Mate 18.04, and will try it out shortly.

My Xubuntu installation couldn't be repaired (at least not by me), so I blew it away and am starting over. Right now I am upgrading it, but unlike the last disastrous effort, I'm doing it with "apt dist-upgrade". (Yes, Harry - command line). Once that is done, I'll have to install the browsers again to try it out. Stay tuned.
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