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As Bill's links show, it works on the principle of an encrypted volume. When you create an encrypted volume it looks like just a file to the OS until you mount it. Mounting it basically decrypts it and you see it as a if you plugged in an external drive. Then when you unmount it, it's re-encrypted and becomes just a file again. So just keep that file in your dropbox folder.

I did a presentation on Veracrypt once at a meeting but not sure if you were there.
Meetings / Re: PLUG Mug June 18 or later
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on Today at 03:22:25 am »
Surprisingly, there was no city meetings this Monday or next Monday so we can do Monday if you guys want.
Meetings / Re: PLUG Mug June 18 or later
« Last Post by ssfc72 on Today at 02:43:20 am »
Let's wait until next week.

Next week I am busy on Tuesday, so I could attend either Monday or Wed. ( You are probably busy Monday, so the Mug maybe will occur on the Wed, since Mike is also free that evening)

That's ok with me unless you want to get together anyway. I think Mike told me that he is leaving next Thursday for a canoe trip so we'll have to make it before then.
This Youtube video may help you to understand, how to create a Veracrypt file/Volume.

When  you create a file, at the very beginning, just create that file in your Dropbox Folder, on your computer.

This tutorial is also helpful,

Well I downloaded it and tried to make an encrypted volume, but I can't figure out how this works. What I was hoping for is that I could created a folder, put files in it I want encrypted, encrypt the folder, and then store it on Dropbox. I don't think Veracrypt even makes encrypted folders.

I also tried encrypting the files in a folder with openPGP, using a password instead of a key. This creates .pgp files in a folder, but clicking on it just recreates the file in the same folder, leaving the PGP file. And when that happens, I'm not asked for a password, for what good is this?
Wow, thanks for the info on Trucrypt, Jason.
Time flies, Trucrypt was discontiued back in 2014, according to Wikipedia.
I will have to try out Veracrypt.
Meetings / Re: PLUG Mug June 18 or later
« Last Post by fox on Yesterday at 10:22:12 am »
I could come next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
This is a dated article (2011) but it covers some concerns about how secure Dropbox is.

Since Dropbox is based in the US, I would not consider Dropbox to be secure from the pryng eyes of the US government.

If I was wanting to store any sensitive files on Dropbox, I would perhaps look at using Truecrypt to store a Truecrypt drive/Folder in my Dropbox Folder.

I concur except I'd suggest using Veracrypt now. As far as I know, Truecrypt is no longer being updated and even the creator of the software recommended people not use it because of some major security flaws he discovered. But the code was open and programmers worked on it and found and addressed security flaws and forked a new project called Veracrypt.
Not likely in your case if I understand your usage. But make no mistake, there are applications where even 16 GB of RAM may not be enough, and when I use applications here, I don't mean software applications, I just mean certain uses.
Entertainment / Re: World Cup Soccer, today 11 am, Germany vs Mexico on CHEX tv
« Last Post by ssfc72 on Yesterday at 09:10:00 am »
I only have over-the-air HD TV, using rabbit ears, from CHEX and TVO, so I rely on what soccer they broadcast.

Otherwise, using the internet, I go to and a VPN service to get all the matches. :-)
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