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Not yet. For the $10, I may order the Yubikey anyway. I'm waiting to hear from Jason about whether it works in a phone or tablet where one doesn't have a usb port.
great discovery Jason, i think i'll get one and send one to my bro to check i don't want the hardcopy....perhaps two , one for backup ! hey Mike , have you heard anything more about Google's entry into the market?
Marketplace / Re: Linux Journal reduced price subscription for PLUG members
« Last Post by fox on Today at 07:52:40 am »
I sent the journal an inquiry, and they indicated that this was a coding error. Until it's fixed, they provided this link. I tried it and it works, at least for Canada.
Yup, $10 is right; just checked. Jason, does the Yubikey you get work with phones and tablets that don't have a usb port?
Thanks for the info, Dougal. I only just noticed that if you choose Canada at the link, it says $10 subscription + $10 shipping and handling. If you choose digital access only, it's $10 in total. So the shipping is just for the hardcopy being delivered, not the YubiKey. Pretty incredible deal, I'd say. Wish I had waited :D
asked someone that just subscribed and they say it was about $20USD total.
Just clicked on the link now and when you click for Outside US, it defaults to the regular cost of $34.50. Is the LUG deal only for those in the US?
Not sure how long this is going to last but WIRED has reduced their subscription price to only $10 and it still includes a YubiKey 4, about a $50 value! The $10 might be USD and might have shipping added to it (though they never charged me for shipping) and tax. Get it while it lasts.

Articles, Tutorials and Tips / Re: How to stop Google from tracking you
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on August 15, 2018, 08:10:52 am »
Good article. It hasn't been tracking me for a while since I had all of that off. But Google should be more clear about what it's doing certainly.

I also recommend you use the Privacy Check-up in your Account area that Google provides and take some time to go through all the settings there. There's 6 different areas to go though. It doesn't take that long but I recommend you go through it carefully using the Learn More links to see what data is captured specifically and how it is used. If you do this, you'll see under Web & App Activity, the info about it using location activity though it doesn't really mention that it keeps track of a history of locations (i.e. movements).

Honestly, privacy wise, it would be better if everything was turned off until you were explicitly asked to enable it. I know it does this with Location but I don't think it tells you that it is keeping a history when it does that. I have Location on my phone all the time but I have Location History (and the appropriate app setting) off. So I can still benefit from using Location for various apps without it being stored. It is kind of creepy.
Articles, Tutorials and Tips / How to stop Google from tracking you
« Last Post by fox on August 15, 2018, 07:08:27 am »
Unless you turn off certain settings, Google is tracking your locations through your use of its apps, and you can even see a history of where you've been. In my case, I was surprised about how much of my movements had been tracked. It tracked me to all of the airports I landed in this summer, even Baker Lake, Nunavut, except for two northern airports where I made brief stops and didn't use my phone. In Alberta, it tracked me even to places I went to for mountain hikes. We recently did a trip in the southwestern USA, and it recorded every park and motel stop, probably through a combination of Google Maps and Google Photos. Interesting on one hand, scary on the other to know that some company knows of your every move.

If you don't want your movements to be tracked by Google, this article will tell you how to turn tracking off from your computer or phone.
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