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Distributions / Re: Ubuntu to drop 32 bit support - what does this mean?
« Last Post by fox on Yesterday at 11:08:23 pm »
It seems that an outcry from the Linux community got Canonical to partly reverse their decision. According to this article, the 32-bit libraries that they will continue to maintain will allow games, and legacy Windows apps running in Wine to continue to function.
General Linux/Android Discussions / Re: Raspberry Pi 4 now out
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on Yesterday at 05:54:40 pm »
Looks awesome! I still think about setting up a media server with a Pi sometimes. The dedicated Gigabit Ethernet would definitely be helpful there.
General Linux/Android Discussions / Re: Raspberry Pi 4 now out
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on Yesterday at 05:48:54 pm »
I merged the topics into one.
General Linux/Android Discussions / Re: Raspberry pi 4 is out!
« Last Post by ssfc72 on Yesterday at 04:20:18 pm »
I am in for a Geek trip to some Toronto electronic/computer stores, if we do get one organized.

Mike, I beat you to the RPi4 announcement.  I had already announced it under the General Topics forum messages. :-)
General Linux/Android Discussions / Raspberry pi 4 is out!
« Last Post by fox on Yesterday at 10:55:18 am »
The new version of the Raspberry pi is out, version 4 (read about it here. The new version is a lot more capable than the last (faster chip, options for more RAM, USB3 ports, faster wifi and ethernet connectivity, etc.), enough so that I think one could use it as a regular computer if you don't have high end requirements. I don't think it's available in North America yet, but it should be in the next few days. This definitely interests me. I wonder if a geek trip to Toronto would be worthwhile when it comes in?
General Linux/Android Discussions / Raspberry Pi 4 now out
« Last Post by ssfc72 on Yesterday at 08:23:11 am »
Got this info from the PiHut people.

Three New Raspberry Pi's Released!
It's here, the one you've all been waiting for: It's Raspberry Pi 4 day. So much has been crammed into the newest version of our favourite SBC, we don't even know where to begin!

The camera, display, A/V jack, POE pins, on board bluetooth and wifi have returned, but there's a tasty list of new additions to the 4. So lets have a quick run down of the exciting new tech on offer:

New 64-bit 1.5GHz quad core Cortex-A72 (Arm v8)
1GB, 2GB or 4GB of memory, your choice
Two new micro HDMI slots for dual screen action at 4K
5V DC power via USB-C (with a new minimum 3A current)
USB 3.0 capability
Distributions / Re: Ubuntu to drop 32 bit support - what does this mean?
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on June 23, 2019, 01:56:27 pm »
Interesting. When I saw your first post, I was like, um, they can't drop support for 32-bit libraries, many applications use them, and not just legacy apps or games. Android Studio uses 32-bit libraries, for example.

So now I see that they're not doing that. It's probably not a big deal that they're not going to continue to be updated. I'm not sure they were updated that much before.

Regarding Valve's decision, I'm not sure it's because of the 32-bit libraries. Griffais made a previous post on his Twitter the same day mentioning that recent kernel updates broke the Steam client's ability to connect to their servers. Not sure if it's related.
Distributions / Re: Ubuntu to drop 32 bit support - what does this mean?
« Last Post by fox on June 23, 2019, 11:41:20 am »
Now it appears, based on a posting by Canonical's Steve Langasek that 32-bit libraries will not be dropped from future versions of Ubuntu. Instead, it appears that Ubuntu won't provide updates to the 32-bit libraries. If that is the case, I would think that the impact on apps needing those libraries is minimal, since most apps that need them are legacy apps, and don't need updated versions of these libraries to run. Have a look at that posting and see what you think. In my case, my legacy JMP statistical app can't use the updated libraries; I have to install the old ones to get it to work. I would imagine that a 2010 version of MS Office being run on Wine, PlayOnLinux or CrossOver would also not have problems with the 32-bit library versions available in future Ubuntu respositories; I certainly hope that is the case.
Distributions / Ubuntu to drop 32 bit support - what does this mean?
« Last Post by fox on June 23, 2019, 07:09:22 am »
According to this article, Ubuntu will be dropping 32-bit support starting with the next version (19.10). I wouldn't worry about this if it just meant that they were no longer making 32-bit versions, but apparently they are dropping support for all 32-bit libraries, including multilib. This has me quite worried, as I use Wine apps in CrossOver, including MS Office 2010, and I'm pretty sure this needs 32-bit libraries. Also, I have at least one old statistical app (JMP) that definitely needs the 32-bit libraries. The decision apparently affects Steam as well, as this article indicates that Valve will no longer support future versions of Ubuntu. I suspect that all variants of Ubuntu would be affected by this decision, as well as any Ubuntu-based distros (like Mint), as they would have to take over support of these libraries if Ubuntu no longer does.

I'm hoping that this isn't as big a deal as it sounds, as for me it would mean not only switching distros, but possibly switching distro families. Your thoughts?
Distributions / Re: Looking for distros to test in virtual, still
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on June 20, 2019, 10:44:58 am »
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