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Support / Re: Raspberry Pi 3 remote usb webcam - help!
« on: Yesterday at 09:54:38 pm »
Did you recall if they were listed as WARNING or ERROR beside the messages, usually in all-caps? WARNINGs are often just about deprecated code that still works but the warning is given because upcoming versions of the libraries or built-in functions in the future might not support the code. That's more for the developers to worry about. If it's an ERROR, that could be an actual problem. In other words, if it works, don't worry about :-)

Marketplace / Re: Power Bank, 4400 mAhr, $4
« on: Yesterday at 09:49:54 pm »
Turns out they do have these at the Dollarama in Lansdowne Place, just not where I thought to look. They're at the beginning of the rows you go between to get to the cashiers, right on the end of one of them.

General Discussion / Re: I'd like to introduce myself
« on: Yesterday at 09:45:38 pm »
Shows how much I know about musicians. I didn't recognize the moniker.

Well, that's okay, Ben Franklin, you were raised in a different era :-) I don't know a lot of his music but I do like some numbers. But here's what I really like about him, a pay-what-you-can restaurant he created in New Jersey that serves healthy food for low income people and I look like him minus the good looks.

That's pretty cool! Thanks, Bill!

Note that coding on a phone can be complicated if you don't have a real keyboard (or full screen keyboard on a tablet).

But I remember reading this article about an African guy who wrote an app entirely on his feature phone. Feature phones are the old phones that only have numbers and a couple of other characters and tiny screens. To enter a letter, you have to push the number from one to three times. So you can imagine how much work that took!

Marketplace / Re: WIFI usb adapter dongle for Linux
« on: Yesterday at 09:34:57 pm »
Thanks for sharing, Bill. I haven't tried it myself but after doing a system backup, you could use these steps to blacklist the driver that LM keeps trying to install and load:

It won't prevent the driver from being downloaded but will prevent it from starting.

Articles, Tutorials and Tips / Re: New Life for an Old Computer
« on: Yesterday at 09:22:22 pm »
Why doesn't the attachment show? It's even indicated there is one on the left.

That was my fault. Because you created a new account, I had to approve your post. And I did that but didn't realize there was an attachment I had to approve, too. Now you're in the Posting Member group so further posts should just go straight through without moderation. Let me know if you still can't see it.

Regarding the SSD, thanks for sharing your experience, Buster. There many be those in the group that don't realize just how amazing SSDs are.

I had a similar experience when I put a Crucial 250 GB drive in my wife's computer a few years ago. SSDs can be from 5-20x faster than hard drives and I knew hard drives were the slowest part of the computer (other than external USB 1.0/2.x devices but the difference still blew my mind.

On my own desktop, you can see in my signature lines that I have a tiny 64 GB SSD but it was the best consumer SSD at the time, the Samsung 830 type. I just put my OS and programs on it. Files are usually small or they're video files which stream much slower than regular hard drives anyway so don't need to be on fast drives.

General Discussion / Re: I'd like to introduce myself
« on: Yesterday at 05:30:00 pm »
I like Bon Jovi.

General Discussion / Re: I'd like to introduce myself
« on: April 18, 2018, 09:50:40 pm »
You can reset your password as long as you still have access to your old email address, but otherwise, welcome to the forums, new Buster! ;-) If you're not sure how, shoot me a message and I'll walk you through it.

Look forward to the story of  how an SSD brought your old system back to life. I was going to talk about our experience with it but I don't want to ruin your ending :)

Meetings / Get-together at Chapters - Sunday, April 22 @ 2 PM
« on: April 17, 2018, 11:14:01 pm »
Mike, Bill and I are getting together at Chapters in Peterborough this coming Sunday at 2 pm to check out the Linux/computer magazines and books and probably to grab coffee afterward.

Starbucks is connected to Chapters if you want to grab a coffee or snack. I think you can take that into the Chapters store but you can't take books into the Starbucks section from what I understand.

Everyone is welcome. We'll be in the magazine section at the front of the store.

Hope to see you there!

Meetings / Re: April 2018 Presentation ideas
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:18:08 pm »
Thanks for the suggestion, Buster. I would certainly like to do KDE Plasma 5 in May. And I hadn't heard of this distro before. I'll look into it.

Meetings / Re: April 2018 Presentation ideas
« on: April 14, 2018, 04:52:59 pm »
AFAIK, Qt and GTK+ are just the framework libraries that the appropriate apps are based including the default look of widgets, background libraries needed for talking to each other and the OS and peripherals and so on. I think other than the default look, you'd have to be an application developer to understand the difference. Probably anything you'd find about them would be terribly biased unless they're a develop that uses both and can really objectively talk about how certain things are better in one than in the other.

I also understand that GTK+ was written in C and qt in C++, though I learned this in the past and may be out-of-date info. Performance-wise, the C might edge out in performance and certainly smaller code but C++ would be easier to write in (unless you hate OOP languages). GTK was around before Gnome, as well, it was the toolkit used to create GIMP long before both Gnome and KDE. Not sure about GTK+.

Meetings / Re: April 2018 Presentation ideas
« on: April 14, 2018, 02:15:18 am »
That's exactly right. Remember we talked about this a couple of weeks ago at Timmy's, Fox? If Bill isn't able to make it and you want to discuss Tumbleweed, there will be lots of time, I expect.


I'm not sure if I'd go as far as saying Apple devices are more secure. They're more difficult to research because most of the code isn't open and I'm not sure, but does Apple really give much information about what is fixed with various updates? With Android, researchers can actually scan most of the code looking to see if patches from Google were applied and Google is quite open about it (I think).

I did notice that Google certifies devices from certain manufacturers which at least means they're satisfied with manufacturers security practices. Though that still has nothing to with the carriers, which I suspect may be a larger part of the problem than the author thinks in that they may not be pushing out updates often enough.

In any case, I'm not at all concerned, more just curious. Google's reply to the researchers makes some good points.

I hadn't realized that getting security updates was such a problem with Android. That's a big factor in favour of Apple phones and tablets. But even with my Android phone and tablet, what probably keeps me relatively safe is that I don't use social media.

Google provides timely updates to Android but it's up to the carriers and manufacturers to get those updates out. Google controls the OS, but not entirely because manufacturers will often add their own customizations to it but they don't control the hardware at all and as we've seen, hardware can have vulnerabilities that have to be corrected in software (drivers and firmware, etc). This is unlike Apple, which controls everything which gives iOS and Apple tablets/phones an advantage here. You can get the same thing by using the Google branded devices (e.g. Pixel phones).

I'm curious what you mean about social media. I don't recall seeing that mentioned in the article. They did mention social engineering likely used more than trying to hack the OS but that's something very different. An example of that is when somebody calls staff in a institution posing as an IT worker for that company and manipulates them into giving up passwords or some other critical information.

Meetings / Re: April 2018 Presentation ideas
« on: April 13, 2018, 12:22:48 pm »
The PLUG meeting has been rescheduled for April 16th, 2018 since April 2nd is Easter Monday and the following Monday wasn't available. Same place, same time. Brian will be putting out an announcement with the details at least a week before the meeting.
Is this meeting going to happen ? I have seen no announcement or email.

As far as I know, yes. The meeting room is booked and confirmed and we have at least one topic (mine). I'm not sure why it hasn't been posted yet.

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