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Website & Forums / Re: Picture Problems in Forum
« on: Yesterday at 11:36:18 pm »
Okay, I can see what you're talking about now.

I asked for a screenshot because what you called it, 'new posts' doesn't appear anywhere so I didn't know what you were talking about. There's 'show unread posts since last visit' and 'View the most recent posts on the forum.' Either of those could have been what you mentioned.

Anyway, I think that's a fine way to view to catch up on a couple of posts but probably not a good way to read the forums for this and other reasons. They don't show because they're attachments. Changing this behaviour isn't an an option I can change or would want to, honestly. I would hate to scroll through a page of graphics interrupting the post flow.

I'm afraid that you're just going to have to put up with the limitations of the software or make a feature request to the people that make the SMF software. As the famous bardic performers, the Rolling Stones, once sang ...

You can't always get what you want
 But if you try sometimes, well, you just might find
 You get what you need
 Yeah, oh baby

You might want to try 'Show unread posts since last visit' at the top. Then you can just click on the little 'NEW' button beside the threads and it'll take you straight to the post. Click the middle button or scroll wheel and it's even better so you don't have to go back to see the other posts. I've done it this way for years but YMMV.

Website & Forums / Re: Picture Problems in Forum
« on: Yesterday at 05:41:47 pm »
You're going to have to give me a screenshot of what you mean? In fact, whenever you notice a problem relating to what 'appears' in the forums, it'd be helpful to do that. I suspect it's not something I can fix but I can't know unless I see what you're talking about and seeing is easier than describing.

Support / Re: Ubuntu 19.10 gnome problems
« on: December 07, 2019, 06:53:40 pm »
Not that the same doesn't apply to me (other than being retired). But still...

I believe that Handbrake has been used to do this. I don't know if there are others.

Support / Re: Ubuntu 19.10 gnome problems
« on: December 07, 2019, 01:22:51 pm »
Yeah, I got that. What I meant was to use a different distro to get another environment. Although, can you install Cinnamon on Ubuntu?

It would be more instructive if you tried another distro with the exact same version of Gnome just to see what happens, perhaps Ubuntu Gnome? Or Fedora or OpenSUSE with Gnome?

I read the article and it seems to suggest that the issue is jurisdiction in that the state that the ruling was about was Massachusetts.

I noticed that also. But it would seem odd that the ACLU and the EFF lawyers didn't note this. The ACLU press release specifically expands it beyond Massachusetts:

In a major victory for privacy rights, a federal court in Boston today ruled that the government’s suspicionless searches of international travelers’ smartphones and laptops at airports and other U.S. ports of entry violate the Fourth Amendment.

Support / Re: Ubuntu 19.10 gnome problems
« on: December 07, 2019, 12:08:24 pm »
Assuming I can do this at all, I'm not clear what I would look for with a second display plugged in.
It was to check if one video driver disables the other video driver or they function at the same time. On my PC, I can use onboard or my nvidia card, not both. The nVidia card automatically disables the onboard video (i.e. overrides it) but if I want to there is a BIOS setting that lets me choose which I want to use and the other is disabled. That's why I also asked if there was a way for you to do that.

That's really odd with the copy/paste and now keyboard issues you're having. Did you have a second keyboard you could try? In any case these bugs must be very specific to Gnome and the the kind of hardware within Apple machines or there'd be a million articles online about it.

To be clear, I never said it wasn't a Gnome issue with the copy/paste problems. I'm just saying the copy/paste bug is probably isolated specifically to a gtk library that is used.

Probably be just easier to use another Linux distro until/if it's resolved as it sounds like you're suggesting. You might also want to stick with LTS releases (of any distro) if you're not feeling particularly explorative. With a new release every 6 months, things can break in Ubuntu especially on hardware that probably isn't tested all that much. You might be the only North American computer user who has Linux on their Mac! ;-)

I don't know. Those are two lawyers in Canada vs. teams of lawyers from the EFF and the ACLU who think differently. If the CBC interviewed more than two, I might find this article more impressive. I understand that their PR may be to boost donations but the lawyers for them aren't likely to outright lie either. I've contacted both organizations with a link to the CBC article to ask them about the Canadian lawyers' comments.

But I think the CBC article seems to suggest the ruling means nothing and I think that's far from the truth. Going from "search whenever we feel like it" to "search with probable cause" is a win. That's the generally the way it is with police. Imagine if the RCMP could randomly search your house whenever they felt like it vs. having probable cause. That's what they've stopped from the way I read the ruling. But it's not to the level that they need a search warrant - that's another fight.

Support / Re: Ubuntu 19.10 gnome problems
« on: December 06, 2019, 06:38:00 pm »
This iMac isn't a 4k display; it's 2560 x 1440. I can't use Wayland on it; it goes blank after the initial boot sequence.

How can I determine if I have two video drivers running simultaneously? Even if I do, why the problem now? I never had it on this machine until I upgraded to 19.10.
Thanks for the correction. I'm not sure the non-radeon drivers could even have handled that but I might be wrong. Why now? Drivers change from one release to the next and often the hardware detection routines change so it may not have picked up on it. I don't know. Just spit balling.

I made a suggestion about how to possibly test this if you have a video output jack.

Yeah, I think initially somebody may have stumbled upon them but they stayed for the writing and to see if there was a budding romance in the works for Ms Dao.

Sounds like a good plan, the longer version, that is. I doubt we will have another presentation then unless Bill wants to do his then and if he can't make it, we could roll it over to February.

Support / Re: Ubuntu 19.10 gnome problems
« on: December 06, 2019, 05:04:03 pm »
The video on this iMac is a Radeon, but I'm not using a proprietary driver. Other computers that have the copy/paste problem are using Intel integrated video. I don't have any computer that I know of with options for using integrated vs video card.

I wasn't talking about checking that to fix your copy/paste problem but to fix the random freezing issue you have.

The freezes could be related to video drivers, especially since you have hybrid video on the iMac, if they're happening on the iMac. Sorry if I got that wrong. And we might have had this conversation before. I don't recall. I'm too lazy right now to look.

What I was concerned about, even though it's likely using the radeon driver because it's a 4K display, is that both drivers are enabled at the same time. You can check this by seeing if there is another video output. And if so, plug another display into it. If it works as another display then you may have both drivers enabled at the same time. That might be fine for the Apple OS but might trip Linux up. I say, may because the radeon driver might be adding the external display. It doesn't matter that you haven't installed a proprietary driver. It's not likely the base integrated video that is running your 4K display so there must be another one that was automatically installed.

Also, if you can, try switching to Wayland if you're using or vice-versa just to rule out that foundation as the problem for the freezing.

For those without a Samsung phone, apparently there are also some DeX alternatives.

I think this is a step that can be read differently depending on whether or not you're a glass-half-full kind of guy. I'm a bit wary about saying "should" here:

You can also connect an HDMI-DVI cable or HDMI-VGA cable to your DeX Station. However, those cables may cause Samsung DeX to function incorrectly.

But it can't hurt to try, right? And I'm willing to bring my HDMI monitor and we can sit around it but it's not very big (24 in).

If it does work correctly, I remember you saying this would probably be a short presentation. Is there a particular app or two that you could show off in it to show how well it functions?

Support / Re: Ubuntu 19.10 gnome problems
« on: December 06, 2019, 12:48:25 pm »
Last night I updated a 2012 Mac mini from Ubuntu 19.04 to 19.10. The 5.0 latest kernel was left after the update, so I was able to see, in a very limited way, how 19.10 runs with that kernel.

For anybody else that might experience the same issues, can you mention the exact kernel release that you're using? Typing this command in the terminal will give you that information without having to enter your package manager:

uname -r

So this rules out any cause of the kernel  and makes the major suspect Gnome 3.34. There is some support for this hypothesis in this posting about copy/paste in Fedora 31, although the person posting was running Gnome under Wayland and I have to use xorg on this computer.

I suspect you're right although it might not be Gnome itself but instead a backend library used for Gnome. I mention this in a moment.

It probably doesn't matter that he's using Wayland and that you're using for this bug. Both of these are display servers that handle the lower level stuff such as drawing boxes on the screen. I don't think they handle copy/paste functions with the mouse or keyboard which are handled by the desktop environment (i.e. Gnome). I could be wrong.

Did you follow the mentioned link to gitlab? It looks like the copy/paste problem was a confirmed bug in GTK that has been fixed. Since that's the basis of most Gnome programs and the core especially, that could be the issue. It would also explain why it happened in some apps and not others. I don't know if that fix has been rolled out yet, though. It only says that it has been merged into the gtk source. Have you checked that there weren't more updates after the upgrade?

I pulled up Muon (a synaptic-like package manager that looks similar to synaptic) and the copy issue was noted as fixed in the changelog for a previous update to libgtk-3-common although this was back in August. But not everything necessarily makes it into the changelog and according to gitlab that fix was merged 2 weeks ago. The last update I have for gtk was Oct. 7, but I'm also not using Gnome so it might not be a priority for Kubuntu.

Regarding the freeze-ups, that could be an issue with the particular video drivers used. I don't recall the particulars now but I seem to remember that one of your Macs had two sets of video, integrated and a separate nvidia card built into it. You could confirm this issue by seeing if there is a way to turn off the integrated video in UEFI or whatever it's called on a Mac. You don't want to do without the nvideo driver chipset/driver, screen updates would slow to a crawl on a high resolution display.

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