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Distributions / Re: Mint 19 Experiencing Problems
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on Today at 07:53:52 pm »
Hmmm. Wonder why it didn't work before? Maybe you have a flaky SSD?
Distributions / Re: Mint 19 Experiencing Problems
« Last Post by BusterE on Today at 07:07:08 pm »
So I got the mintupgrade file again and did at least 8,000 billion upgrades and it seems to have worked this time. Slow process even on my SSD. Not sure why I bother but it's too cold outside and real work doesn't appeal to me. Sort of like doing another Sudoku puzzle.
This Gwynne Dyer article talks about Tuesday, and adds a bit of humour at the end:
Quite interesting, as Gwynne Dyer always is. The bit about fighting in the streets is a no-show though. Brits don't do stuff like that unless it relates to their football teams.
Support / Re: partition cloning problems
« Last Post by fox on Today at 04:42:55 pm »
Well the DD command worked, but only for a partition clone. When I tried it for a disk image, it ran for a few gb then gave me an "out of space" message. I tried it several times with the same result, and on two different external drives. However, the partition clone worked very quickly; much faster than Clonezilla even if it was copying free space. As for the disk image not working, I have a feeling that I didn't give it the right command.

I should point out that I DD'd onto an external spinning drive, not the SSD I tried previously, so I can't rule out the SSD itself not being the problem. My next move will be to clone the cloned partition onto the other laptop. We'll see if that works. Even if it does, I anticipate some problem getting the partition to boot up, as the grub on the other laptop will have the wrong UUID for the target partition, as it will be changed to that of the cloned partition. Hopefully I can still boot it up by editing the grub parameters once it's installed.
Honestly though, even a bad trade deal is better than no trade deal with your neighbours. Much like how the US dictates trade agreements to us because of their much larger population base so the EU can dictate terms to the UK. But it's even worse because divorces rarely ever go smoothly.
Did you see the link to the CNN article? Apparently, the European Court of Justice ruled that the UK can unilaterally reverse the decision it gave the EU to leave the bloc. Just a little more stir to add to the pot :)
I think you were just replying to fox, buster, but to be clear, I didn't mean that AMD is bad in anyway or that it has anything to do with playing various video formats. My point is that the Packman repo is going to have trouble keeping up with a distro that is constantly changing. That's where the codecs come from. And probably why he encountered the dependency issue.

The btrfs plays a part in why his install size is growing faster but I can't see it causing any other problems. Definitely don't use btrfs if you don't have much room, I'd say at least 20 GB but 40 GB be better if you're not just testing it. It will grow fast and you won't notice anything until your system suddenly starts behaving weirdly because it's ran out of room. I had windows refusing to open up or taking long times to open up. It was really bizarre.
Support / Re: partition cloning problems
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on Today at 01:55:48 pm »
Apparently, one can use DD to make either a partition clone or disk image (instructions here. DD is apparently faster than Clonezilla, and the command is easier to understand for the disk image.

dd is command-line so it might have slight gains in efficiency from that. However, dd copies everything, even empty blocks. Clonezilla doesn't copy empty blocks as long as it supports the file system. Otherwise, it uses dd for the cloning. So if your drive is only half-full, Clonezilla should be about 2x as fast.

But would I be correct to assume that one cannot use the partition you're running from as source for DD?

Well, technically, you can (i.e. it will let you) but I don't know if it's a good idea. The question posted here is similar and though it refers to FreeNAS which I think is based off of FreeBSD, it's still a Unix-based system so I think it would apply to Linux, too. Similar tools are used across the BSDs and Linux.
Well, here are some new developments that I missed. The vote has been delayed, so a 'hard Brexit', with who knows what consequences, is now a possibility.

"I do wonder if AMD has anything to do with it."

I have both Intel and AMD and I've never noticed any difference. I can't see that particular hardware affecting media files software downloads. Btrfs was the problem according to one poster, but I suspect Jason might be right with the Wayland choice at the beginning.

I also wonder if a new install might  solve it. I've done that and solved a problem that just appeared out of the malignant universe of computer glitches - that's how I view it anyway.

It doesn't matter a lot to me. I love Suse Leap. And it just keeps updating and chugging along like Old Man River.

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