Author Topic: Sleeping Car To Trieste - a great 1948 safe cracking, murder, train movie  (Read 36 times)

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For your viewing pleasure. :-)

A very good British film set in France involving safe cracking, a stolen book/money, murder, intrigue, a train journey through France.  Lots of different sub plots, involved.
Great footage of the train and the countryside. Lots of very attractive ladies!

Watch it now before it disappears off of YouTube.
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Bill, do you find that many of these old movies (no offence) disappear off of YouTube. I would imagine that the studios don't care that much that they go looking for them. The main audience for buying them would be collectors, I'd imagine and they'll still buy them.

I've certainly seen movies and tv shows of recent vintage (past 5-10 years) disappearing from YouTube. I know this because I will put some of them in my 'Watch Later' file and they'll have a Removed notice instead of the actual ink.
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