Author Topic: Excellent 1950 movie - richard widmark, sidney poitier starring in No Way Out  (Read 18 times)

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For your viewing pleasure on this holiday Thanksgiving Monday.
An excellent black and white movie starring 2 excellent actors.  A crime movie with a hospital setting.

Another excellent Widmark, Poitier movie from the same 1950's period is, The Bedford Incident.  A nuclear missle equipped U.S. warship hunting down a nuclear equipped russian subamrine.  A classic movie!
Not on YouTube, but is available elsewhere.

Lots of other great Widmark movies, out there, as well.
See also, Time Limit,  Richard Widmark, Richard Basehart
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Was trying to remember if Sidney Poitier was the guy I remembered in another movie I saw decades ago. Looked up this name and instantly found a relevant review of No Way Out:

It does sound really good. Bookmarked this one.
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