Author Topic: Mp3Wrap - combine multiple audio files into 1 large file. Very good!  (Read 89 times)

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Ok, so I found a CBC audio production of the book, Barometer Rising. Any Canadian should know, that this book is based on the catastrophic explosion, in Halifax harbour, Dec. 6 1917 during WW1.

The audio comes as 5 mp3 files and I wanted to combine the files into 1 large file, to put on my phone, to listen to.

So I found the Linux command line program,  Mp3Wrap.

Mp3Wrap combines multiple mp3 files, into 1 large file and preserves the individual ID tag information and also adds it's own ID tag info.

I used Mp3Wrap to combine the 5 mp3 files from Barometer Rising, into 1 large file and it played fine on my notebook computer and on my cell phone.
The Barometer Rising file is 340 MB in size.

If you wish a some later time,you can then use another program ( mp3split ), to split the 1 large file back into the original files with the individual file ID tag info, preserved.

The only problem with combining multiple mp3 files into 1 large file and then having Mp3Wrap adding a ID Tag of its own, is that when using ITunes or Ipods for playing the audio file, there may be some problems caused by the addition of the Mp3Wrap extra data, in the file.
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Re: Mp3Wrap - combine multiple audio files into 1 large file. Very good!
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Cool, Bill! I love how many little tools that Linux has for the CLI (command-line interface).
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