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Distributions / Re: Successful install of Arch
« Last Post by elpresidente on Yesterday at 02:52:35 am »
I think it's the same whether you use pamac or not except that pamac does let you know of the AUR updates and installs them which is a cool feature. I've noted that pamac seems to see all the updates that pacman -Syu does as well.

So far I've had no problem with Arch with updates either. Lots of them but many are small.
Entertainment / Re: Nixie Pixel AWOL
« Last Post by fox on July 21, 2017, 09:58:37 pm »
Well apparently Nixie Pixel is back and has made a few recent videos. I tried watching one that was 1 1/2 hours long, just to find out what happened to her and what she's up to now. I picked up some snippets about her being ADHD and if I understood correctly, having chronic pain, but I wasn't sure about the latter. She seems to be trying to start up something geeky but new; maybe one of you can listen to the whole thing and fill us in. The website where you can get her current videos is on Reddit. Alternatively you can go here to catch the video I skimmed, called "My Health, Plans and Stream of Consciousness". I really don't know what to make of it.
Distributions / Re: Successful install of Arch
« Last Post by fox on July 21, 2017, 05:15:35 pm »
Almost two months since I installed Arch on my iMac and my Dell xps and all is well. Updates continue to come in successfully; nothing has been broken. A lot of updates come in every week; I would estimate that each Arch install is using 1 GB per month of downloads. If you have limited bandwidth available for downloads, this distro isn't for you!

I've been trying to do the updates on the command line with pacman right after bootup (sudo pacman -Syu) rather than letting the GUI software updater (Pamac) do them. Rightly or wrongly, my perception is they're safer when done from the command line. But even after I do them, the Pamac software updater frequently indicates that there are one or two more, and they are ones from the AUR repository that were pkgbuilds. None of these has caused a problem either.
General Discussion / Re: Make a videogame in August
« Last Post by elpresidente on July 21, 2017, 01:28:58 pm »
Thanks for telling us about it, Buster!

Looks fun but probably tiring, too. I'm considering it, but honestly not sure I have the stamina! Anybody else thinking of trying it?
General Discussion / Re: Make a videogame in August
« Last Post by ssfc72 on July 20, 2017, 09:20:27 pm »
Neat! Thanks for the info, Harry!
General Discussion / Make a videogame in August
« Last Post by buster on July 20, 2017, 12:18:10 pm »
PTBO Game Jam takes place for the 3rd time in Peterborough. Some of you might enjoy this very much. Got the info from the local paper and their web site:

From the Examiner:

PTBO Game Jam 03 is happening Aug. 4 to 6 at Fleming College's Sutherland Campus on Brealey Drive.

It's designed for game lovers to test their hand at creating their own game, building it from the ground up.

Matthew Davey, founder of dotBunny, a game-development studio in Peterborough, launched the city's first game jam in April 2016.

The inaugural event drew about 45 interested residents, with 17 people building games overall at the Holiday Inn  Peterborough Waterfront.

Then Davey moved the second jam to Fleming's Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre in February. That event drew 155 people, with 80 participants in total.

Davey said he hopes to see that number continue to grow going forward.

"I'm hopeful that  Peterborough will produce a thriving video game industry at some point," he said.

And PTBO Game Jam is there to help game enthusiasts get to that point.

The free event starts off with Educational Blocks on Aug. 5. There's one for youth and one for adults.

The education session teach participants the basics, instructing them on how to use game creation toolsets, before making a simple game in the end.

That base knowledge is then applied the next day, when the main event gets underway on Aug. 5 at 9 a.m. The jam wraps up at 5 p.m. on Aug. 6.

Davey encourages anyone who's ever wanted to learn how to build a game to come out and just do it.

"We're going to go from zero to hero and we're going to get you to that point where you feel comfortable making a game. Your first game isn't going to be some amazing game, but it's still a game and you're going to build on that."

NOTE: Admission to PTBO Game Jam 03 is free, but pre-registration is required. Visit for more information.

And also their web site might have more:
Support / Re: Lenovo all-in-one not booting from ssd
« Last Post by elpresidente on July 19, 2017, 07:42:58 pm »

So the question now, do you think I should try to reinstall with simpler partitions? Try installing the same OS in its 32 bit version that will not add EFI folders? Remove the hard drive, format and test in another machine? Or is there some other tricky BIOS I might be overlooking?

Sounds like you've been super thorough!

When you say that you tested the DVD before the install, I assume you mean you used the test option on the DVD boot menu? Is that correct? If you didn't run that test, make sure you do before proceeding.

I'd try re-installing LM on the same machine firstly. This time, keep it in legacy mode and it should try to put everything on one partition though you could make a separate /home partition if you like.

If it still doesn't boot, try the SSD in a different machine. If you're still having issues on another machine (even after doing a fresh install) take the SSD drive back.
General Discussion / Re: ROAD TRIP!
« Last Post by fox on July 19, 2017, 03:21:43 pm »
I'm more on the computer than the electronics side, and there isn't even anything I need in a computer store at the moment (though I'm always up for looking). So I'm a "maybe" for the upcoming trip, whatever date you make it.
Support / Re: Lenovo all-in-one not booting from ssd
« Last Post by ted_rmt on July 19, 2017, 03:17:24 pm »
Thank you, Jason.
To clarify, it is a fresh install of Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon 64 bit to a new SSD from a Live DVD that is running the OS beautifully on this machine.
I am running the Live CD now and I can read the drive.
I have installed linux on several machines over the years. Back in the day, I would have checked to see if the drive was still in slave mode and moved its jumper to master, but I take it that with SATA there are no such concerns

There are a number of settings I have tried changing in the BIOS, but in my attempts today, I have kept the boot mode constant with the UEFI setting.

Other settings:
CSM - if disabled, it grays out the boot mode options and the ssd does not appear as an option when I hit F12 to open the boot loader.
Quickboot- enabled or disabled gives same result

Under the security tab there is an option for Secure Boot and a TCG feature. Enabling them or disabling them does not seem to matter.

Under devices
Sata Controller- Enabled
Configure Sata as AHCI,  or IDE,  or IDE with Native Mode disabled - Tried all three and they made no difference.

I graphed my choices on a table and marked the result each time I failed, just in case there was a combination of settings that caused it to fail.
None of these settings has made a difference.

Previously, I had tried several changes, one at a time using the Legacy Boot mode option, but I was not as systematic as today. The boot mode options are UEFI, Legacy and Auto, but none of them work.

The Lenovo M72z shipped out with Win8.1 64 bit OS
The Exit menu includes options to set BIOS to factory defaults or an "OS optimized default" for windows 8. Staying away from that.

Tis M72z was refurbished to run Win 10 Home, which ran well when it wasn't updating or sending information back to the mother ship - which is to say almost never. The live DVD of Mint 18.2 continues to run well.

I may need to make a bootable flash drive with this OS on it. I have already booted puppy from USB on this machine. At least then I would have access to the DVD drive for music, then and I could save changes to Casper.

Anyway, it is good to hear about modern ssd's being more robust.
My concern now it that there is some other unknown, like there is some flaw on the SSD that I cannot detect which is crucial for the BIOS to start reading.

So the question now, do you think I should try to reinstall with simpler partitions? Try installing the same OS in its 32 bit version that will not add EFI folders? Remove the hard drive, format and test in another machine? Or is there some other tricky BIOS I might be overlooking?
General Discussion / Re: ROAD TRIP!
« Last Post by ssfc72 on July 19, 2017, 06:33:55 am »
Thursday 27 july, would be fine with me.

If Rob can make the road trip, we probably should keep the trip, not too long, so that Rob doesn't get worn out.
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