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Thanks to the three of you. Hope to find time today to inspect and maybe disassemble piece by piece. It's not going to be plugged in til the culprit is found. So far can't see any damaged parts.
Support / Re: My Linux Machine Started Smoking - which has to be unhealthy!
« Last Post by ssfc72 on Yesterday at 10:32:32 pm »
I would think you should be able to smell whatever component was creating the smoke. Have you tried sniffing the different components, motherboard , hard drives, power supply etc?
I agree with cod3poet here. Being a lot of smoke, I think it's likely it's the power supply (bigger capacitors) but I wouldn't trust that machine until you've taken it apart or at least been able to look everything over. Something met it's maker and has to be replaced. If the case isn't too big, bring it to one of the MUGs and we can all give it a look over.
Marketplace / Netbook or small Laptop
« Last Post by cod3poet on Yesterday at 08:28:07 pm »
Looking for something small so that I can hide it behind a monitor. And want it to run silent.

I don't need anything fantastic the reason for it is minimal arch so the display does not need to work. Just looking to have an always on machine so I can use it to wake the other computers in the house, and to host some other services like SMB for some USB drives.

Min 2GB of RAM and that's it. HD does not matter as it's probably going to boot off of usb anyway.
Support / Re: My Linux Machine Started Smoking - which has to be unhealthy!
« Last Post by cod3poet on Yesterday at 08:08:08 pm »
Do not trust that box.

The smoke / smell probably a capacitor on the board, or at worst in the power supply.

If it's the latter you run a fire hazard with the machine on. If it's the motherboard it will run like magic till it dies like every other piece of hardware.

Keep it off till you do a full teardown would be my recommendation.
Support / My Linux Machine Started Smoking - which has to be unhealthy!
« Last Post by buster on Yesterday at 07:14:07 pm »
Never seen this before. Need some help on understanding it.

What happened: The old box has 3 hard drives, Mint, Win7 and an NTFS old laptop drive for storage. I pressed the start button, hit F12 and selected what  I thought was the Win7 hd. Got the Storage hd instead, and after complaints hit the reboot button. Was tapping happily on the F12 key when I smelled something like burning plastic! And smoke started to fill the room. Like really fill the room. Pulled wall plugs. Put the box on its side and examined it and touched stuff.

No hot spots. Nothing looked burned, though it does have hidden corners where the led lights and start button are.

Retest: So I had it open on its side and I rebooted it and let it go to the default Mint. Perfect. No bad smells. No smoke. Used the computer for awhile. No problems. Rebooted to Win7 and it worked.


Box is 17 years old and has been home to 3 waves of hardware and a couple of power boxes.
Motherboard, cpu, video card  and memory about 6 years old, good quality stuff at the time.
HD about 4 years old, with a laptop hd from destroyed machine, and another laptop drive from an old vista machine.

Would really appreciate insight. Would a new box solve this? Google hasn't helped so far.

Support / Re: Suggestions for inexpensive, Linux-friendly USB wifi dongle
« Last Post by cod3poet on Yesterday at 07:13:23 pm »
Sometimes there is Research indecision AKA "Nerd's Block" sometimes you just need to make the leap. 2x ~$15 attempts is better than a ~$40 nope. Also you can sell the non-working one for $10 on Kijiji and there you go.
Cool. Bill's and cod3poet's options look great. That'd be hard a choice for me. I like the idea of increased range but the tiny size of the Edimax is attractive.
Support / Re: Suggestions for inexpensive, Linux-friendly USB wifi dongle
« Last Post by fox on Yesterday at 10:59:48 am »
I ordered the Edimax, as I found it on site for a few dollars less and several of the reviews mentioned that it works out of the box with various Linux distros. Some of the negative comments point out its limited range, but I don't think that will be an issue for me the way I plan to use it (mainly in a laptop).
Support / Re: Suggestions for inexpensive, Linux-friendly USB wifi dongle
« Last Post by fox on February 17, 2018, 08:33:47 am »
Thanks, folks. I see that Amazon carries both a TP and the Edimax model for about the same price. They're both small and have the same specs. This is not something I would expect to use on a regular basis, as all the Broadcom wifi cards in my xps and my iMac work perfectly well with Linux - once you get the driver in. But for $16-20, I think it's worth having a dongle that I can use as needed in any computer, and gives me internet access with any distro without having to move the computer to an ethernet outlet. A good example is our PLUG meeting. My Dell gets wireless there with the installed Ubuntu and Arch, but put in a live usb from almost any distro and I get nothing. What is it with Broadcom anyway, that its driver can't be included? I have nothing against their wifi cards, except that.
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