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Meetings / Re: PLUG MUG: Monday, April 24, 2017: Sign-Up
« Last Post by cod3poet on Today at 07:02:20 am »
So sorry that I missed you guys, by the time I had put out the work related dumpster fire, and returned from our regular walk with the family it was a late dinner and beer time.

Although I did get to tinkering on that Arch install, I have Qemu/KVM and docker installed now I am wrestling with the networking gods to get all the bits to communicate with each other.
I received this email today and so I'm passing it on to interested participants. I only blocked out the email address of the sender so they don't get inundated with spam.


I'm a member of the team that is preparing DebConf17 in Montreal

My current task for the team is to share our Call for Proposals for Open Day
( which will take place on 5
August 2017, between DebCamp and DebConf.

We'd like to invite any Peterborough LUGers and forum followers who might be
making the trip to DebConf17 to submit ideas for Open Day.  To that end, I've
included our Call for Proposals below.  As stated in the CfP, we're also
looking for people who might be interested in helping with the Open Day

We hope to see LUGers from Peterborough at DebConf17 in great numbers.

Thanks, and see you in Montreal!


----------------- begin call for proposals -----------------
(la version franšaise suit la version anglaise)

Call for Proposals for DebConf17 Open Day

The DebConf team would like to call for proposals for the DebConf17 Open Day,
a whole day dedicated to sessions about Debian and Free Software, and aimed
at the general public. Open Day will preceed DebConf17 and will be held in
Montreal, Canada, on August 5th 2017.

DebConf Open Day will be a great opportunity for users, developers and people
simply curious about our work to meet and learn about the Debian Project,
Free Software in general and related topics.

Submit your proposal

We welcome submissions of workshops, presentations or any other activity
which involves Debian and Free Software. Activities in both English and
French are accepted.

Here are some ideas about content we'd love to offer during Open Day. This
list is not exhaustive, feel free to propose other ideas!

* An introduction to various aspects of the Debian Project
* Talks about Debian and Free Software in art, education and/or research
* A primer on contributing to Free Software projects
* Free software & Privacy/Surveillance
* An introduction to programming and/or hardware tinkering
* A workshop about your favorite piece of Free Software
* A presentation about your favorite Free Software-related project (user
group, advocacy group, etc.)

To submit your proposal, please fill the form at


We need volunteers to help ensure Open Day is a success! We are specifically
looking for people familiar with the Debian installer to attend the Debian
installfest, as resources for people seeking help to install Debian on their
devices. If you're interested, please add your name to our wiki:


Participation to Open Day is free and no registration is required.

The schedule for Open Day will be announced in June 2017.
Meetings / Re: PLUG MUG: Monday, April 24, 2017: Sign-Up
« Last Post by ssfc72 on Yesterday at 04:08:25 pm »
Sorry guys, but I won't make tonights Mug.
I got to drive into ptbo early tomorrow for a dental appointment.

Distributions / Re: Ubuntu Mate for Raspberry
« Last Post by fox on April 23, 2017, 02:22:18 pm »
I have this installed on my rPi3, along with LibreELEC. I demoed it at the last meeting. It runs well, though slow.
Distributions / Ubuntu Mate for Raspberry
« Last Post by buster on April 23, 2017, 10:51:46 am »
Should be nice to work with.
General Discussion / Re: Tinker Board, SMB, by Asus. A RPi alternative?
« Last Post by elpresidente on April 21, 2017, 07:01:02 pm »
Thanks, Bill. Seems like the RPi spawned a whole generation of mini-PCs.

I'd like to see some benchmarks on this to see how well it actually supports 4K but I'm a bit discouraged about that end that says only Windows 10 and certain processors can stream Netflix, which really has nothing to do with this particular board but I guess ARM-based boards altogether. For a set-top box, it makes Android more attractive since there is a Netflix app.
General Discussion / Tinker Board, SMB, by Asus. A RPi alternative?
« Last Post by ssfc72 on April 21, 2017, 05:25:21 pm »

Now available in the USA (, etc),  this Single MotherBoard device by Asus is $60 USD and has high specs, such as 4K video.
Runs Tinker OS which is Debian based.
Meetings / Re: PLUG MUG: Monday, April 24, 2017: Sign-Up
« Last Post by cod3poet on April 21, 2017, 08:38:20 am »
I will do my darndest, even it it's just dropping off some swap items.
Marketplace / Re: Free Video Capture card, webcam and optical drive
« Last Post by cod3poet on April 21, 2017, 08:37:45 am »
I will see if I can stay out later for the 24th, I will share the slide deck on that meeting page, and I can give you a short little walkthrough (bring the beast and tether again)
General Linux/Android Discussions / Re: Windscribe - free VPN
« Last Post by bobf on April 20, 2017, 01:57:38 am »
'Cuz if we're savvy enough to use Linux, we're likely going to make some SERIOUS use of it?! <^8# So use the browser plugins and see if it merits more. No? <^8#
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