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I don't know if you guys had heard this. Linux Journal was going to shut its doors but London Trust Media stepped forward and bought it. They're also the company that owns PIA, the VPN provider. And they want to jump start Linux writing. More here:
Distributions / Re: Ubuntu Mate reviewed on Distrowatch
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on Today at 06:15:44 pm »
I liked Ubuntu MATE over the time that I used it. I preferred the Cupertino layout back then. It's an excellent distribution and on our list of Beginner Linux Distros.
Distributions / Re: Ubuntu Mate reviewed on Distrowatch
« Last Post by fox on Today at 12:48:55 pm »
A very good review. Until I read it, I wasn't aware that Ubuntu mate has two Unity-like configurations: Mutiny and Contemporary, and both have the HUD (head up display) feature of Unity. I had no idea that HUD could be incorporated into a non-Unity desktop. Although I rarely use the feature when running Unity, it is a good one for quickly finding the menu function you are looking for in a particular program. Ubuntu mate (and the mate desktop to a large extent) has made tremendous strides in usability, and is now well beyond gnome 2 in useful features. I'm guessing that even the small glitches in Mutiny will be fixed by the next version if not before.

Most of you are hooked on Windows xp/7-type menu function, which the standard version of mate provides. Me, I'm now a convert to the vertical dock on the left side of the display along with the ability to find an app not on my dock by typing in the first letters of its name. Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon and mate all provide these options, and I think xfce, Budgie and KDE do as well. This is what I love about Linux - lots of choice!
Distributions / Ubuntu Mate reviewed on Distrowatch
« Last Post by buster on Today at 10:19:26 am »
Pretty positive review for the standard desktop. Some small negative points about the Unity lookalike called Mutiny.
Meetings / Re: Get together at Chapters this Sunday early afternoon?
« Last Post by fox on Yesterday at 09:14:49 pm »
Seemed logical at the time. They were calling for freezing rain all night tonight.
Marketplace / Re: Carry Telecom -- too good to be true?
« Last Post by Jason Wallwork on Yesterday at 08:17:44 pm »
Thanks for telling us about your experience. Please let us know again in a month or two how it is going, William.
Meetings / Re: Get together at Chapters this Sunday early afternoon?
« Last Post by cod3poet on Yesterday at 08:05:55 pm »
BAH! the one night I'm all ready to head out the door I check here and CANCELLED!.... Bleh. Bleh it all to meh.
Marketplace / Re: Carry Telecom -- too good to be true?
« Last Post by William on Yesterday at 12:35:26 pm »
I bought the modem (Technicolor TC4350).  I gave notice 1 month ahead of time, so no problem with switch over.  Well, internet wise.

I still have VoIP phone with Teksavvy, and the ATA is pretty much locked to Teksavvy.  I don't mind, because I don't know what all those parameters are, anyways.  But, my phone didn't work with the new modem.  It was DNS problem.  The ATA was manually using Teksavvy DNS servers which don't respond to non-Teksavvy IPs.  So, ATA couldn't resolve Teksavvy VoIP server.  Remove the manual DNS entries, and use default DNS that modem gives out, and my phone worked.  It took me 6 hours to figure that out!
Is there a Linux equivalent of Recuva; anyone know?
Cool, Bill. Thanks for sharing. I haven't tried to use one of those file recovery programs in a long time though I have InSync backing up all my data to Google drive on a regular basis so I probably wouldn't need it. But still good to know there is one out there.
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